iOS 9.3: Your iPhone is getting a major update today

APPLE'S iOS 9.3 update is available to download today and here's its new features.

iOS 9.3: Your iPhone is getting a major update today

Apple may have just announced a new iPhone and updated iPad but if you’re not ready for an upgrade something new is still coming your way. The US tech giant is making its latest iOS update available to everyone tonight.

iOS 9.3 brings a number of improvements to you phone and tablet including an all-new night mode. Called Night Shift, this new function will tweak the iPhone’s screen to help you get some shut eye after some late night games of Crossy Road.

Night Shift uses your iOS device’s clock and geolocation to determine when it’s sunset in your location. Then it automatically shifts the colours in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum, making it easier on your eyes. In the morning, it returns the display to its regular settings. As well as Night Shift there’s a number of other updates including improvements to the Notes, Health and News app.

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