You can own the world’s first ’emotional’ robot, but don’t you dare …

You can own the world’s first ’emotional’ robot, but don’t you dare …

Falling in love with a machine is now possible as world’s first robot with human emotions can now be yours.

Named Pepper, this adorable emotional android has a range of moods that are based on humans’ raging hormones, and acts just like real a person, reported the Daily Star.

It become shy around new people, lights up when praised and even gets scared when the lights go off at night. Moreover, it can also read its owners feelings and adapt its behaviour towards them.

The little lovebot’s feelings are displayed on a screen strapped to its front. Softbank, a Japanese tech firm explained that the emotion functions in Pepper wee modelled on the human release of hormones in response to stimuli absorbed by the five senses.

It can generate emotions autonomously by processing information from his cameras, touch sensors, accelerometer and other sensors.

However, one would need to put in some time if they want “earn” the love of the machine, even though it can be updated with apps bought off a special online store.

Pepper, who “creepily” also takes pictures its owner to reflect on their time together at night, has been priced at 1,000 pounds and goes on sale on June 20 in Japan.

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