World’s cheapest smartphone released, it only costs $3.50

The Freedom features a 4-inch HD screen.

World’s cheapest smartphone released, it only costs $3.50

Budget phones aren’t anything new but this has to be the biggest bargains ever. The Freedom 251 is a ludicrously low priced device that will be hitting the shops in the coming weeks.

Incredibly, despite its $3.50 price tag the phone comes with some decent specs including a 4-inch HD screen, 1.3GHz processor and 8GB of expandable storage. There’s also front and rear cameras and an all-day battery life. The phone runs on Android Lollipop and connects to the internet via 3G only – there’s no fast 4G compatibility included.

Sadly, like all good things in life there is catch. The Freedom 251 is currently only on sale in India and there’s no word if, or when, the firm will launch the device globally.

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