Woman sexually tortured by young lover

Woman sexually tortured by young lover

A 22-year-old young man has been arrested by the Uhana police (Sri Lanka) for sexually torturing a married woman, ‘Lankadeepa’ reported. An officer said that 23-year-old mother of one, who was subjected to sexual cruelty, has been admitted to the hospital for treatment. Police stated that the victim was a mother of one-and-half-year old child and has been involved in an extramarital liaison with the suspect.

After abandoning her child and her husband, the victim has been living with the young man. The suspect had indulged in disturbing sexual abuse after forcing her to watch obscene videos. The woman could not tolerate the harassment any longer had narrated her plight to her sister. Along with her sister, she lodged a complaint at the police station. Uhana police are now conducting further investigations.

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