Woman ditches family’s rare $200,000 computer by mistake

Woman ditches family’s rare $200,000 computer by mistake

ULTRA rare Apple computer taken to the tip after mystery woman thinks it’s worthless rubbish.

To the untrained eye Apple’s first computer might look like a piece of old junk. But the Apple-1 is so rare, one recently sold at auction for almost $1million.

Sadly, a woman in California didn’t realise she’d stumbled across one of these sought-after machines and assumed it was worthless. She then took it to her local recycling centre to be sent for scrap.

According to CleanBayArea vice president Victor Gichun, the mystery woman was cleaning out her house after her husband died. He told NBC Bay Area news that she neither requested a tax receipt, nor left her contact information, and the boxes went unchecked for weeks.

“We really couldn’t believe our eyes. We thought it was fake,” Gichun said. The computer has now been sold for $200,000 and the recycling company is trying to track down the original owner to split the money.

“I ask this lady, please come over to our warehouse in Milpitas again, and we’ll give you check $100,000,” Gichun added.

 (RARE: An Apple-1 similar to the computer taken for recycling)

The Apple-1 was Apple’s first ever computer and was originally released in 1976. Created by Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the computer included 4KB of memory and was made from wood. Jobs and Wozniak made around 200 Apple-1s although it’s thought only 25 were actually sold.

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