Wife kills lover, hides body in wardrobe

Wife kills lover, hides body in wardrobe

A young Egyptian housewife is accused of killing her lover and hiding his body in a wardrobe after he threatened to post her pictures online when she sought to end their relationship.

According to a report in Al Youm al Sabea’a newspaper, the incident came to light when her neighbours suspected something wrong after the body started stinking at her home. The body was found in her closet with the knife still in the deceased, the report added.

The 21-year-old confessed to police that she stabbed him. Recalling the flow of events, she said that her husband was a workaholic and that he returned home late on most nights. He also stayed away from home often, which left her depressed.

So one day when she met the 29-year-old deceased in the car park and he started talking to her, she poured out her heart to him and even exchanged mobile numbers.

Soon, he requested if he could meet her at home. After refusing him initially, she let him come home one day when her husband was late from work. That day, she told police, that he got physical with her.

Thereafter, his visits became regular and he even persuaded her to film her without clothes.

However, after a while, when she realised her neighbours could guess she was in an illicit relationship and so requested him to stop coming.

At that point, he allegedly blackmailed her by saying he would publish the videos he had taken of her. So the following day she hid a knife under the pillow and when he took her to bed, she stabbed him several times in the chest.

Police have referred her to the Public Prosecution.

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