WhatsApp new update, now say ‘Bye Bye’ to blue ticks

WhatsApp new update, now say ‘Bye Bye’ to blue ticks

WhatsApp recently updated the online chat messenger to add a feature of read receipts, where users are notified if their message has been read by two blue ticks. This update created havoc amongst users, and the feature started to be referred as the ‘deadly blue ticks’.

However, it is time to take a deep sigh of relief! WhatsApp has finally rolled out an update on the Google Play Store allowing people to turn the read receipt feature on/off according to their convenience.

Till date, the new update was available on WhatsApp’s official website. The user had to manually download the APK file and install it themselves on the phone. However, on December 4, the update was made available on the Google Play Store for Android users. However, iOS users are yet to receive the official update via the App Store.

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