Wealthy Indonesian family force their maid to sit and watch them eat

Wealthy Indonesian family force their maid to sit and watch them eat

A servant has been forced to sit by herself without food as she waited for her employer’s family to eat at a restaurant. The family were photographed enjoying a feast while the maid sat with nothing to eat or drink in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. Local man Michael Fanny had been shocked by the scene and posted the photo to Facebook.

The heartbreaking photo brought an outpouring of sympathy from social media users after it quickly went viral.
His post, written in Indonesian, and the accompanying photograph, has since been shared almost 60,000 times.
‘Your pembantu (servant) is part of your life. A reflection of your humanity. Imagine you are in their position, no phone to hold, not invited to eat, eyes just looking around,’ Mr Fanny wrote on Facebook.

‘We must respect and love our maids, our drivers, our gardeners … Life is not about profits and loss, it is not about ourselves. ‘By sharing a little of what we have then we are sharing the love of God. #respectotherpeople #respectourmaid #respectourdriver #loveotherpeople #Godislove.’ Domestic workers make up a huge percentage of the workforce in Indonesia.

Many begin service as young women from rural areas who move to cities to make money to support their own families at home.

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