VIDHYA GANG RAPE: Police search on suspects engaged in violence

VIDHYA GANG RAPE: Police search on suspects engaged in violence

Police officials are currently carries out special search operation to arrest suspects engaged in violence during protest organised on demanding to grant justice to Kayts schoolgirl Vidhya. Protesters burnt tires in the roads, attacked the court complex and also caused damages to state and private properties.

Since the death of Vidhya on May 14 many protests organised all around the Jaffna peninsula and they burnt tires in the mid of road. On May 19th people organised massive protest in the Jaffna town. Traders are ordered to close down their shops cast support to this protest. During the time of protest group of protesters behaved on violent manner, their activities were recorded in the CCTV cameras fixed in the shop premises and shop owners are ordered to hand over their video footages towards police. Police together with Special Task Force carries out special search operation to arrest all suspects. At present military personals has been provided tight security towards Jaffna peninsula.


Source : PTI

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