UFO spotted near sun?

UFO enthusiasts were sent into a frenzy when amateur alien hunters spotted what they believe to be a door on the surface of the sun.

UFO spotted near sun?

Using images from Nasa’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), an alien hunter behind the YouTube channel The Watcher252 put a compilation of the images together for a video. Some have suggested that it means that aliens are using our host star to harbour energy, much like the alleged Dyson Sphere which has been theorised to surround a distant star known as KIC 8462852 – or more colloquially Tabby’s Star – which was emitting light that was regularly dipping in brightness.

However, others have claimed that it proves that the sun is hollow, and is home to a world of alien beings. It follows just a month after another UFO hunter, Secure Team 10, uploaded a video which apparently showed beams being sucked out of the sun, which they believe is proof that aliens are using it for energy.

The narrator of the video, Tyler Glockner, says that in the footage from Nasa’s cameras, a ball 100 times the size of Earth can bee seen hovering near to the sun before flying away.

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