UFO crash site spotted at South Pole

UFO crash site spotted at South Pole

Satellite photographs reveal what looks like a dark disk-shaped object in the frozen wasteland – sparking suggestions it is a flying saucer embedded in the ice. A Russian UFO enthusiast spotted the mysterious object – thought to be 204ft across – while scouring Google Earth for signs of alien life on Google Earth. The image – visible at co-ordinates 80°34’08.4″S 30°05’19.3″W – has gone viral after it was highlighted online.

Antarctica has long be thought of as a possible landing site for aliens. Scientists were confronted by a shape-shifting alien that assumed the appearance of humans it killed in 1982 blockbuster The Thing. Some people claim there is already a secret UFO base there and one theory even suggests the US is locked in an interstellar war with extraterrestrials in the snow. Antarctica is almost uninhabited as temperatures reach -90C and the desolate expanse would give aliens the perfect chance to gain foothold on Earth without an interruption.

Source : PTI

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