Twins have surgery so their wives can tell them apart

Twins have surgery so their wives can tell them apart

Family and friends were left baffled by the identical couples and repeatedly complained that they cannot tell them apart.

The issue became critical when one brother found himself holding hands with his sister-in-law during an after dinner stroll. Zhao Xin and Zhao Xun, from Yuncheng City, North China are married to sisters Yun Fei and Yun Yang who lived in a village six miles from the brothers.

The couples are so alike that even on their wedding day during the last Chinese New year, their parents had to double-check they were not marrying the wrong partner.

All aged 22, even their voices sound the same. And plastic surgery is now the only option for the confused couples.

It has been welcomed by the families, who will now be able to tell them apart after the minor surgery.

Reports said a hospital in Shanghai will help out the identical twins to make minor adjustments. They hope it will avoid awkward moments of mistaken identity in the future.

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