Traveller’s belly had 118 capsules of heroin

Traveller’s belly had 118 capsules of heroin

A Pakistani denied knowing that 118 capsules which he released from his body contained heroin, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

SF, 22, was arrested on arrival at Dubai Airport following a tip off received by the Anti-Narcotics Department.

A customs inspector searched him but did not find any banned item. However, X-ray checking showed strange substances in his belly.

“On questioning, he denied possessing any banned items. However, the accused later admitted to possessing capsules whose contents he claimed not to know,” the inspector told investigators.

The accused released a total of 118 capsules from his body. The capsules contained a total of 822.94 grammes of heroin.

The accused repeated his statement when he appeared before the court which will give its sentence on June 29.