Toddler survives fatal car crash in China (Pictures)

Toddler survives fatal car crash in China (Pictures)

A grandmother made the ultimate sacrifice when she died in a car crash, shielding her young grandson and saving his life. Rescuers found 21-month-old Chenchen was still in her arms on the backseat of a crumpled car when they arrived in Yaoshan City, Sichuan.

She was pronounced dead at the scene along with the grandfather who had been traveling in the front of the vehicle, according to the People’s Daily Online. But crash investigators said they believed that the woman had managed to shield the infant in the seconds before the impact occurred. 

The badly damaged car, thought to be an unlicensed taxi, had crashed into the back of a parked lorry. Experts believe the grandmother deliberately shielded the youngster in a final act of love, taking the impact so he was only left with cuts and bruises. 

Local reports said that the driver suffered from a brain haemorrhage and was being kept in hospital for observation. Chenchen’s father, Mr Wang, said that he does not know the driver of the car they were travelling in which indicates it may have been an unlicensed taxi. An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crash is ongoing.



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