This update will boost your iPhone battery by four hours

Apple's iPhone will get some extra power when iOS 9 launches later this year...

This update will boost your iPhone battery by four hours

Apple gave fans their first glimpse of the new iOS 9 operating system at an event in San Francisco last night. The new OS is packed with features including updates to Siri and Maps but there was one very welcomed edition – iOS 9 will boost your battery. Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi explained that by simply updating to iOS 9 users would see a battery life bump of almost an hour.

And with a new battery saving mode Apple say the iPhone and iPad’s energy levels will keep going for a further three hours. The Cupertino company also revealed it would be using the proximity and ambient light sensors built into the iPhone to determine when the smartphone is facedown on a table. If it thinks the phone is lying on its front, iOS 9 will not turn on the display – even when a new Notification is received.

A new widget is also being added to the Notification Centre, which will include the latest percentages from your iOS device and Apple Watch. And Apple will continue to battery shame third-party developers in its settings with iOS 9 including a more detailed list of which apps are draining the most, and least, amount of power from your smartphone. For the first time ever, Apple will be releasing a Beta test to the public so fans can try it before the official release.

Source : PTI

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