The pro-Mahinda groups planning for another Black July?

The pro-Mahinda groups within the Sri Lanka Freedom Party are planning to recreate bloody ethnic tensions between the Sinhala and Tamil masses in July, the newspaper reports citing reliable political sources.

The pro-Mahinda groups planning for another Black July?

The month of July is chosen as it is a month which has roots deeply connected to the ethnic conflict of the country and any conflict sparked during that month would deeply hurt the sentiments of the global Tamil masses and enrage them, the newspaper adds, further quoting sources. ‘Randiva’ further reports : The initial step of this plan has been the former President’s recent public declaration in Colombo that he spotted an LTTE flag in Jaffna. It is revealed that creating the tense situation in Jaffna was also a part of the plan.

Parallel to the state event marking the end of the war, a suspect of the Jaffna schoolgirl rape case was released, sparking public ire. Although anger sparked-protest demonstrations against the police and other legal institutions have taken place in the past throughout the island, a media mission was also initiated to portray this protest demonstration in a racist point of view. Pro-Rajapaksa Intel officers .

Media units of several pro-Mahinda MPs are already being used to establish this view in social media such as Facebook. Also, several Intelligence unit officers affiliated to Rajapaksa as well as several high ranking police officers have also joined the mission, reports say. According to political sources, several steps of this ‘Black July mission’ are to be initiated in the next two weeks. Meanwhile, speaking during a media briefing yesterday (22), Minister of Justice – Wijayadasa Rajapaksa said that bloodthirsty politicians who are seeking narrow political gains by portraying terrorism and racism, are still active in the country. He said that the remarks made by the former President clearly proves this.