Tamil Girl with boyfriend abducted, raped by two Polish in UK

Tamil Girl with boyfriend abducted, raped by two Polish in UK

London: Two Polish men assaulted Sri Lankan Tamil man having an intimate meeting with his new girlfriend inside his car. They beat him up and drove her away to an isolated place, where they took turns in raping her, a local newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Local paper also stated that 20-year old boyfriend had just met the 18-year-old girl of the same nationality after contacting her through facebook when the two men attacked him.

According to a police report states that,
“They opened the door, shoved the man out and beat him up. They then stole his car and drove away to an isolated area, where they raped the girl,” the local paper said without identifying the names of the couple, later police arrested and charged the two with aggravated criminal sexual assault.

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