Tamil Australian Myron Sugumaran and Andrew Chan to be brutally executed soon (PICTURES)

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sugumaran foolish Australian kids did stupid things - now reformed but going to be brutally executed within next 72 hours...

Tamil Australian Myron Sugumaran and Andrew Chan to be brutally executed soon (PICTURES)

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On April 17, 2005,  Myuran and other members of the Bali Nine (the name given to the group of men who planned to smuggle 8.3 kg of heroin valued at about A$4 million from Indonesia to Australia), were arrested for drug trafficking in Bali, Indonesia. For their involvement, Myuran and Andrew were sentenced to death by firing squad on February 14, 2006.

In June of 2011, when Myuran appealed to have his sentence commuted to life, the former Kerobokan prison governor Pak Siswanto, who was moved by Myuran’s transformation, took the unprecedented step to speak out on his behalf. This was very rare and done so at personal risk. Pak Siswanto indicated that in all his time, he had never met a prisoner like Myuran and that execution was the wrong punishment in his case. To date, Myuran has had his bid for clemency from the Indonesian President rejected and he is facing the prospect of being executed. Execution comes through being taken to a remote place, getting tied to a post or a wooden cross, as a group 12 armed executioners with guns line up and start shooting. It is often said that death comes slowly.

 Myuran’s family, friends and community have come together to appeal to the decision makers. However, Indonesia’s President, Joko Widodo, recently told CNN in an interview that there would be “no compromise” for drug traffickers on death row. Quilty is organising a vigil for Myuran in Sydney on Wednesday night. The event, at the Sukumarans’ church in Sydney’s west will feature speakers such as radio host Alan Jones. Chaser member Craig Reucassel will act as MC. Eddie Perfect is hosting a similiar event organised by the artist Matthew Sleeth in Melbourne. Justice Lex Lasry will speak at the Federation Square event and Missy Higgins will perform music. Representatives of the Chan and Sukumaran families will attend.

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