Suchitra twitter account hacked 4 weeks ago

Suchitra twitter account hacked 4 weeks ago

Singer Suchitra Karthik Kumar’s twitter account have caused much uproar over the last couple of days. The scandal, dubbed ‘Suchileaks’, took a new turn on Saturday when her Twitter account got suspended.

In a chat with The New Indian Express, Suchitra’s lawyer, Ganesh Kanna, opened up about the developments. “Her account was hacked almost four weeks ago. She has not been logging into her account during this time. The only time she logged in was when a friend informed her about the explicit content being posted under her account,” he said.

“When she logged in to suspend her account, she realised that the ‘deactivate’ button was disabled. This further confirmed that she was no longer the official user of her account. If she were, she would have been able to suspend her account earlier.”

Ganesh realises that the uploaded content has caused much distress to many celebrities, including Dhanush and Sanchita Shetty. “I have learned since then that Suchitra has been in touch with some of the affected parties to rectify the situation, and to explain her position,” he added.

Suchitra couldn’t be reached for clarification over the controversy. However, Ganesh added that a press conference is in the pipeline, and will likely be organised over the next couple of days. “This will be done in the interest of transparency and will clarify her position,” he said.