Srilankan Tamil man takes selfie with dead uncle and post on Facebook

The Worst Selfie of All Time?

Srilankan Tamil man takes selfie with dead uncle and post on Facebook

He may have been inspired from Hangover 3, where Alan takes a selfie next to his father’s framed memorial photo at the funeral, but that just doesn’t justify this act. A Sri Lankan Tamil man shared a selfie on Facebook, posing next to his deceased uncle. And, that didn’t go down well with the social media. Finally, he took down the post after the bashing. Psychologists have argued that taking ‘selfies’ maybe because of very low self-esteem or narcissism. We can’t say we are very sure about the low self-esteem bit though, given President Obama and other world leaders have also succumbed to the same.
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Source : PTI

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