SriLankan Pilot ‘Mentally Down’ After Sex-Selfie Video Goes Viral

SriLankan Pilot ‘Mentally Down’ After Sex-Selfie Video Goes Viral

A SriLankan Airlines‘ pilot self made porn star style selfie video currently going viral on the internet could have serious repercussions to flight and passenger safety.

srilankan-airlines-porn-videoAn aviation expert speaking to Colombo Telegraph said: “A full analysis of the co-pilot’s mental state needs to be evaluated. There are many questions that require to be answered by him. If in the event a third party had posted this video, then there will be embarrassment attached to it. Who knows, like the famous German Wings pilot he may decide to take some drastic measures when he is up there in the sky with many innocent lives on board. It is recommended that he is grounded immediately.”

A close friend and colleague of the pilot speaking on condition of anonymity said “His current mental state is at a very low ebb after his wife got to know about this episode. He is currently in hiding after arriving from his last flight as his father-in-law and other relatives are looking for him”.

Two porn star style selfie videos engaging staff of SriLankan Airlines one performing a sexual act and another where a Flight Stewardess is explicitly exposing her body in full are currently going viral over the internet.