Sridevi’s legal action against Director Ram Gopal Varma

Sridevi’s legal action against Director Ram Gopal Varma

Actress Sridevi has threatened legal action against director Ram Gopal Varma for trying to defame her name. In a legal notice issued in this regard, Sridevi demanded that the director should refrain from using her name as the title for his upcoming film.

Initially, the film was titled Savitri, but RGV had to opt for a title change as women’s groups started to protest against the film for coming out with sleazy posters involving a young boy and his teacher and another producer threatening action against him for using a title he had registered formally. The women’s groups staged a protest to remove the posters and also demanded that the title should be changed, as Savitri is the name of a very pious wife replete with moral values.

Following this, RGV renamed the film as Sridevi, but the actress has threatened legal action if he proceeds to release the film with her name. She has sought an explanation from him within three days and also a declaration in writing that he would not use her name as the title.

Source : Via Kollyspy

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