Sri Lankan Tamil wife killed over a mobile phone in Italy

Sri Lankan Tamil wife killed over a mobile phone in Italy

Italy, Rome: A Sri Lankan Tamil husband has admitted murdering his young wife because he suspected she was cheating on him ‘Rome corriere della sera’ reported.

According to reports, the husband had asked his 24-years-old wife so many times not to use mobile phone but she ignored his advice and continued using it secretly.

Preliminary investigations also revealed that the husband snatched and kept the phone used by the wife in his custody as she was secretly talking with someone. But she bought a new one and started using it secretly again.

On the day of incident (Sunday), the accused, a restaurant worker, came home early and went crazy when he saw his wife engaged in a conversation with someone. And severely assaulted his 24-year-old wife and killed her with a wooden pole. Report also revealed that there were frequent disputes between the two and the wife was mulling over divorce from the husband. Police said suspect was taken into the custody and will be produced before the local court.

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