Sri Lankan Tamil taxi driver arrested for Sexual assault in UK

Sri Lankan Tamil taxi driver arrested for Sexual assault in UK

Southall, UK: 28-year-old Sri Lankan Tamil taxi driver was arrested after sexually assaulting several women who were passengers in his car, police in the United Kingdom said.

Siva M of Southall, was sentenced to serve four years in jail after being convicted of sexually assaulting 5 women.

According to the police investigation, Mr Siva took a female passenger from the center of Southall, where she had been out drinking, to her home address. When she got out of the taxi, he grabbed hold of her and asked her to kiss him. The victim pushed him away and complained to the police.

Later, it became clear that Siva had been accused of two similar offenses. In both these previous cases, Siva drove the victims to their destinations, and while they were in a vulnerable position, grabbed them intimately and attempted to kiss them. He was found guilty at Southall Crown Court, and sentenced to serve four years in prison.

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