Sri Lankan asylum seeker killed in UK

Sri Lankan asylum seeker killed in UK

Jeyaratnam Kandiah, 43, described as “charming” and “much-loved” by friends, fled to the UK 14 years ago but died after being hit by a BMW at a pedestrian crossing in Shirley, Croydon Guardian reported. Kandiah, known as Selvam by friends, was pronounced dead after the crash, which happened as he crossed Wickham Road. Man killed by BMW driver in pedestrian crossing hit-and-run. He was mowed down as he walked the short journey from a friend’s house, where had eaten dinner, to his home in Spring Park Road, and died within 40 minutes despite paramedics fighting to save him.

His friend of 10 years, Siva Arun, paid tribute to Mr Kandiah and urged the BMW’s driver to come forward. Arun, thought to he last person to see Kandiah alive, said: “He was in my house yesterday (Sunday). We had dinner and then he went home and it was then that he was hit. “The police knocked at my door at two o’clock in the morning. I was really shocked. My colleague and I identified him.” The 43-year-old estate agent added: “We were very good friends. He was very charming and very fun-loving. “He liked cooking and helped people all the time. He was always getting involved in the community.” Kandiah, who was single, arrived in the UK in 2000 from Jaffna, a northern Sri Lankan city devastated by the country’s civil war. He lived in Tooting before moving to Croydon eight years ago.

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