SRI LANKA: Rubbish mound collapse kills 16 people including 4 children

The site had been used to dump Colombo's rubbish for the past few years. The tragedy occurred as the country celebrated its traditional new year

SRI LANKA: Rubbish mound collapse kills 16 people including 4 children

A massive mound of rubbish has killed at least 16 people including four children and displaced more than 600 after it collapsed on their homes in Sri Lanka on Friday night. The estimated 300-foot dump collapsed after flames engulfed it late on Friday and witnesses said around 100 houses could have been buried.

The tragedy occurred near Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo during festivities to mark the local new year.
The site had been used to dump Colombo’s garbage for the past few years as authorities worked to improve the capital. However, residents living in tiny homes in the area had been protesting against the dump and claimed that it was a health hazard.

Four people were rescued from underneath the mound, but it was unclear whether any others were buried, said military spokesman Roshan Seneviratne after soldiers searched the site.
Mr Seneviratne said that 625 people whose homes were either destroyed or under threat were being housed in nearby schools.

The Disaster Management Center said at least 12 other people were injured in the incident, which happened on Friday night in Meetotamulla, near Colombo.

Source : PTI

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