Sri Lanka Attack: What we know so far

Officials say 207 people have been killed in the Easter Sunday attacks.

Sri Lanka Attack: What we know so far

At least 207 people have been killed and 450 more injured in a series of explosions targeting churches holding Easter services and hotels in Sri Lanka. Most of the dead are believed to have been Sri Lankans, but officials say about 30 people from other countries have lost their lives. Three UK nationals and two US-UK dual nationals were among the dead. One Dutch, one Chinese, one Portuguese and two Turkish nationals have been killed, their respective foreign ministries have confirmed.


Here is what we know so far:

  • No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks but Sri Lanka’s defence minister, Ruwan Wijewardene, said the culprits had been identified and were religious extremists. He said suicide bombers were responsible for the majority of the morning’s bombings and that the wave of attacks was the work of a single group.

  • There have now been 13 people arrested in connection to the bombings, the BBC’s Azzam Ameen has reported.

  • The Sri Lankan government has imposed an indefinite curfew and shut down social media and messaging services amid fears over the spread of misinformation and the incitement of racial disharmony.

  • Eleven are confirmed dead, with nine reported missing, and 25 unidentified people believed to be foreigners remain at the Colombo judicial medical officer’s mortuary. Nineteen foreign nationals have been hospitalised and are at Colombo’s national hospital, according to the ministry.