Soon you can track your sex life with this app

Want to keep track of how many times you have indulged in carnal activities during the past month? An app from Apple is on its way to help you out.

Soon you can track your sex life with this app

At its 26th annual worldwide developers` conference in San Francisco this week, Apple announced its upcoming iOS 9`s health app that will track user`s “reproductive data”. The app will track menstrual cycle, basal body temperature, cervical mucous quality, and ovulation test results. It will also let users track whether they used a protection while making love. However, the sex-related data will not be gathered via body sensors, the New York Post reported.

The user will have to enter the data manually. The user can tag the date and time of his or her sexual encounters. The idea is to help users against unwanted pregnancy and safeguard them from sexually-transmitted diseases. According to Apple, the personal data will not be shared with any company. The app is currently available in beta version for developers and will be available to the general public soon, the report added.

Source : IANS

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