Soon, flexible, paper-thin computer screens

Soon, flexible, paper-thin computer screens

The next generation of transistors may pave the way for flexible, paper-thin computer screens that provide faster response times and better efficiency, scientists say. Researchers at Japan’s National Institute for Materials Science reviewed the latest developments in research on photoactive organic field-effect transistors; devices that incorporate organic semiconductors, amplify weak electronic signals, and either emit or receive light. Organic field-effect transistor (OFETs) were developed to produce low-cost, large-area electronics, such as printable andor flexible electronic devices.

The researchers reported that much progress has been made in the development of light-emitting organic fieldeffect transistors (LE-OFETs) since they first appeared in 2003. Research in this area has resulted in advances in the manufacture of novel organic photonics applications using cost-effective approaches.

Light emission efficiency and brightness of these transistors will soon improve, researchers said. Further research may lead to production of new display technologies. LEOFETs are also expected to become fully compatible with well-established electronic technologies. This may allow further development of optical communication systems and optoelectronic systems, such as those using laser technologies.

LE-OFETs are being used to develop flexible, transparent computer screens. These screens are purported to provide faster response times, better efficiency, and no need for backlighting. They also have very low energy needs. Light-receiving organic field-effect transistors, on the other hand, are much less developed than their light-emitting siblings.

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