Sniffer dogs join search for Sri Lanka mudslide victims

Sniffer dogs join search for Sri Lanka mudslide victims

Sniffer dogs were brought in Friday to join the search for bodies at a tea plantation in Sri Lanka, two days after a major mudslide buried alive scores of people.

After the operation was suspended on Thursday afternoon because of fresh rains, searching resumed at daybreak with a team of sniffer dogs joining hundreds of troops already at the site of the tragedy in the picturesque Koslanda region, around 200 kilometres (125 miles) east of Colombo.

Although officials have estimated that around 100 people lost their lives on the Meeriyabedda plantation, only a handful of bodies has been dug out from the mud that wiped out scores of homes.

“We are using the sniffer dogs to look for any bodies,” said the officer in charge of the sniffer dog unit, without giving his name.

Heavy earth-moving machinery was deployed to the site on Thursday and the officer told reporters that more mechanical diggers were expected to join in the search effort.

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