Your smartphone will soon analyze your DNA

Your smartphone will soon analyze your DNA

Researchers are developing new display sensors for smartphones that will read the user’s spit to not only detect the body temperature, but also analyze the DNA. Researchers from Polytechnique Montreal and Gorilla Glass manufacturer Corning, who are currently working together, claimed that the sensors would be embedded within the smartphone’s display, allowing the users to take their temperature, assess blood levels (if diabetic) and work alongside platforms such as Apple’s HomeKit to give provide more information about their health, Mashable reported.

The research team has also created what it calls the first laser-written light-guiding systems that could pioneer these advancements and shot lasers into glass to create pathways that transmit data in the form of small beams of light, as the waveguides act as tunnels that channel light, similar to how electronic wires convey electrical signals. Corning said that by adding these waveguides to mobile phones and adding a readable code, it opens up opportunities for manufacturers to get creative.

The researchers added that while waveguides aren’t new, its new approach created by the team are 10 times better at minimizing such loss than previous ones made with lasers. The study was published in the journal Optics Express.

Source : ANI

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