Six dead as fatal toxic smog causes 33 car pile-up in China

Six dead as fatal toxic smog causes 33 car pile-up in China

The horror smash appears to have been caused by the poor visibility in Beijing, after the massive capital was swamped in a thick smog. Authorities put the city and surrounding area on a “red alert” for pollution.

And in the smog this morning in the industrial area of Tianjin, around 300 miles from Beijing, some 33 cars collided on a motorway. Wreckage remains strewn across the road.

The Chinese capital will remain in shutdown for the rest of the week after it became engulfed in a blanket of deadly smog. Poisonous smoke soared to 40 times the safe levels closed schools, factories and construction sites. Millions of cars have also been banned from the city’s roads. Dubbed “airpocalypse” by Greenpeace, China’s first ever red alert for pollution has forced most of the population to remain indoors.

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