Sinkhole Swallows Florida Street

Local residents watch anxiously as a rapidly expanding sinkhole that opened up in a Florida street moves closer to their homes.

Sinkhole Swallows Florida Street

A huge sinkhole in a street in Florida is still growing, according to local residents. The gaping hole in Spring Hill, about 40 miles north of Tampa, was 23 metres wide and about 10 metres deep when it appeared on Saturday. However, people living nearby said the sinkhole has been creeping ever closer to their homes. It expanded in width by nearly 15 metres in a matter of hours and is now thought to be even bigger.

A mother and son told 10 News they watched the hole “open up in front of their eyes”, saying it appeared without warning. Cracks have appeared in the house closest to the sinkhole, the TV station added. A spokesman for Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said several homes were evacuated, although most families have been allowed to return. The intersection of Eldridge Road and Van Alley Way will remain shut until authorities are able to repair the damage.

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