Singapore Airlines charges man $1.200 bill for ‘viewing emails’

Singapore Airlines charges man $1.200 bill  for ‘viewing emails’

A man has been charged an incredible $1,200 for using the wi-fi on a flight from London to Singapore. Jeremy Gutsche, a Canadian entrepreneur, claimed he mostly used the internet for work emails between naps and watched no videos.

He was hit with the Singapore Airlines bill after getting off the plane on Wednesday, discovering he had racked up $1,142 in charges for going over his purchased 30MB package. Mr Gutsche is CEO of the Trend Hunter website, where he wrote about the shock bill.

Claiming he viewed only 155 pages, he added: “I wish I could blame an addiction to Netflix or some intellectual documentary that made me $1,200 smarter. However, the Singapore Airlines internet was painfully slow, so videos would be impossible and that means I didn’t get any smarter.”

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