SHOCKING: Wedding guests murder groom’s father for not playing Bollywood songs

SHOCKING: Wedding guests murder groom’s father for not playing Bollywood songs

INDIA: In a sequence of events more common in trigger-happy parts of the country than in Haridwar district, a group of drunk guests shot dead the father of the groom after being denied their choice of Bollywood songs at a wedding.

The incident occurred late on Friday night at Sakoti village in India. A group of inebriated youths from the village allegedly ordered the DJ at the wedding venue to play more music so they could continue dancing. However, Vishwas Ram, the groom’s father, intervened and citing the late hour asked the DJ to stop the music so that the marriage rituals could begin. The youths, led by Teluram, then got into a heated argument with Ram.

When the groom’s family gathered in support of Ram, one of the youths allegedly whipped out a pistol and asked the DJ to play music of their choice at gunpoint. Meanwhile, the youths carried out a heated argument with the groom’s family members and allegedly exchanged threats.

“Since it was past midnight, Ram told them that it was very late and the marriage rituals should be started,” said Manglaur SO Naveen Semwal, talking to TOI. Matters took an ugly turn when Ram asked the youths to leave the venue of the wedding immediately. Feeling humiliated, one of the youths allegedly shot the groom’s father.

“A police team from Manglaur went to the spot and rushed Ram to the civil hospital, where the doctors declared him dead,” said Semwal. Besides Teluram, two others identified in the matter are Madanpal and Sumit Singh.

Villagers, including the groom’s family, allegedly thrashed the accused before handing them over to the police. Madanpal and Sumit Singh are currently undergoing treatment at the civil hospital, officials said, adding that further investigations are on.

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