SHOCKING VIDEO: An Indian footballer dies after celebration goes horribly wrong

Peter Biaksangzuala, 23, was left instantly paralysed after his celebration went wrong in a match being televised live in India

A terrible story has rocked domestic Indian football over the weekend as a local footballer died after a somersault goal celebration went horribly wrong. 23-year-old Peter Biaksangzuala, a midfielder for Bethlehem Vengthlang FC, has passed away from injuries suffered during a match played last week. Bethlehem Vengthlang lost 3-2 to Chanmari West FC last Tuesday, in a match where Biaksangzuala found the target in the 62nd minute to level the scores 1-1.

After sticking the ball in the back of the net, Biaksangzuala attempted an acrobatic somersault goal celebration, however the player messed up his execution to fall horribly on his head. After his nasty impact on the pitch, Biaksangzuala was rushed to a nearby hospital, where it was revealed that he had damaged his spinal cord. Biaksangzuala then spent five days in hospital, before he finally lost his life on Sunday morning. A source told reporters, “He was trying to do Germany’s Klose signature flip stunt, but it misfired unfortunately”.


Source : PTI

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