SHOCKING: Father kills his daughter as revenge

SHOCKING: Father kills his daughter as revenge

26-year-old Tarel Dontay Felder of Texas, was very upset when his girlfriend, Shonique Johnson, left him and moved to Louisiana, to be with her new boyfriend.

The couple had been together for four years, and their daughter was born in 2012. One day, he asked his former girlfriend to allow him to take his daughter for a few days, and she agreed.

Johnson said that her daughter missed her father so she allowed her to go with him. Felder drove to Louisiana, to pick up his 4-year-old daughter, Amyira Mi’Heaven Felder. She was supposed to spend a few days with her father and grandmother in Katy, Texas.

Johnson said that she had no reason to believe that her daughter was in any kind of danger when Felder took her. However, one night, Felder killed himself and his daughter.

The grandmother believes that Felder became distraught after speaking to his former girlfriend and asked her to return to him. When she refused, he killed his daughter and himself.