SHOCKING: Dad throw his dead daughter into sea

SHOCKING: Dad throw his dead daughter into sea

ITALY: A Syrian man who travelled along with 300 other illegal migrants by boat from Egypt to Italy was forced to throw his 10-year-old daughter into the sea after she died during the voyage.

The man told Italian officials on reaching the European country that his daughter was a diabetes patient and went into coma and died during the trip because the human smugglers who were taking them to the Italian city of Sicily threw the little girl’s medicine into the sea. After that she couldn’t survive for too long and died, Arabic daily Al Bayan reported quoting Italian media.

Rescued by the Italian authorities, the fathe said boat was too crowded and the smugglers forced him to throw the little girl’s body into the sea.

The man had paid thousands of dollars to the human smugglers who were later arrested by the authorities in Italy.

Quoting the father’s testimony, the Italian media reported that the girl did not live long after her medication was thrown in to the sea and due to lack of space on the boat he was forced to throw her body also into the sea.

Police said they arrested three men on charges of human trafficking. They, however, were not charged for the murder because the girl’s father said that they were not the three men who threw the bag containing the girl’s medicine, the Italian media reported.

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