SHOCKING: Baby girl born in India with only half a head and bulbous eyes

SHOCKING: Baby girl born in India with only half a head and bulbous eyes

A baby girl has been born in India without a head that has left her with shockingly protruding eyes. Savita Rani, 32, from Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, gave birth to her ‘miracle baby’ on Tuesday after a natural birth.

But soon after the birth she became the talk of the town due to her shocking features. A large number of people started to even gather outside the at Sai Nursing Home clinic in the hope of seeing the ‘miracle child’.

Two days later, however, the baby girl tragically died of heart failure. Dr Kusum Lata, 30, a gynaecologist at Sai Nursing Home, said: ‘These complications occur due to incorrect and irregular eating habits of the mother during pregnancy.

  • The girl was born at the Sai Nursing Home clinic in Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Doctors said abnormalities occurred due to ‘incorrect and irregular eating habits of the mother during pregnancy’
  • The baby tragically died of heart failure less than 48 hours after birth


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