Sex pest has his backside smacked by teenage girls in India: Pictures

Sex pest has his backside smacked by teenage girls in India: Pictures

These pictures show the moment a suspected ‘sex pest’ had his bottom whipped by his alleged victims after a police officer doled out her own punishment. Accused Virat Dhoni was seized upon after a group of teenage girls in Sendhwa, central India, complained that he had been harassing them.

Determined to make sure Dhoni was brought to justice, Sub-Inspector Monica Singh forced him to bend over in the street and take his punishment. crowd of people then watched as she and the girls gave him a spanking.

Officer Singh said: “I had a choice. I could take him to court and watch as he wriggled off the hook, or I could hand out some justice then and there.” Later Dhoni, 23, complained to local judges that he had been humiliated by the spanking and should have been charged and taken to court, or let go.

He said: “I felt shamed by standing there while these women hit me. I hadn’t laid a finger on them and it is not a policewoman’s job to decide who is and who is not guilty.” But judges rejected his claim, saying Dhoni had deserved the beating and would not have got off with a slap on the wrist if the courts had dealt with the case.

The ruling said: “He had tormented his victims in public with his whistling and cat calls, and he was punished in public. It was very fitting.”



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