Semi-dressed indecent photos of Vidhya making rounds in Internet

Semi-dressed indecent photos of Vidhya making rounds in Internet

Those who publish the photos of Vidhya who was brutally raped and murdered by some devils in internet and social media should act in consideration of humanity and media regulation guidelines. In a news note released, Ceylon Tamil Teachers Union specified this.

In a note released by the Ceylon Tamil Teachers Union President V.R. Sahadevarajah and its Secretary Sarah Bhuvaneswaran said further in the press release issued jointly,

Some media groups are publishing news items for the sake of making tensions and for their own popularity by putting lies and fabricated messages in social media and internet websites. Some of them have published the dead body of Vidhya in semi-dressed fashion without auditing, which is hurting the sentiments. It is required that they should act by considering media discipline.

Our education community has got shocked on seeing these pictures of Vidhya who has already been subjected to a cruel murder in semi dresses published in internet and social media that would further cruel her.

Those persons who upload these pictures in internet and social media should think that they also have mother, sisters and wife.

Publishing these photos of the brutally murdered Vidhya will affect the psychological well being of her family. Without doing this, let us fight for the punishment to be provided for the murder of sister Vidhya tirelessly.

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