Selfie Tragedy: Two Sri Lankan girls drown in Oman

Selfie Tragedy: Two Sri Lankan girls drown in Oman

Two Sri Lankan girls in Oman drowned when they attempted to take a ‘selfie’ during their picnic with families, a Times of Oman report said. The girls drowned at Ain Garziz late on Saturday evening, when the two families went for a picnic at around 6pm.

According to sources, the girls were attempting to take “selfie” photographs when the tragedy struck. One girl was studying in Indian School Salalah while the other in a private school.

“The girls went towards the spring, slipped while taking a selfie and fell into it.

Initially one girl slipped and in a bid to save herself, she caught the hands of the other and both fell down in the deep water. They were pulled out after a long struggle, rushed to the Sultan Qaboos Hospital where they were declared brought dead,” Times of Oman reported quoting sources.

The girl studying in Indian School Salalah was identified as Ruwanee Delsara Herath Samaraweera, while the other Zainab, who studied at a private school in Salalah.

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