Scientists to explore huge Pacific underwater volcano

Scientists to explore huge Pacific underwater volcano

A team of international scientists is setting out to explore a huge underwater volcano that has been producing tonnes of stone that has come ashore to the beaches of Australia and New Zealand. The volcano was discovered by an airline passenger, who reported seeing the lava flow from the air, and reported it to scientific authorities, Xinhua news agency reported. Vulcanologist Rebecca Carey from the University of Tasmania in Australia, one of the researchers from the five-nation team, will travel to the Kermadec arc, which is about 1,000 km north of New Zealand.

Carey told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Monday that the eruption has produced about a cubic kilometre of pumice. She said the eruption of the undersea Havre Volcano was a one-in-10,000-year event and a rare chance for scientists to learn more about volcano.

Source : IANS

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