Scientists discover world’s eighth continent called ‘Zealandia’

Scientists discover world’s eighth continent called ‘Zealandia’

Today a new report was released that stated scientists have discovered a largely-underwater continent called Zealandia. The new, and what could soon be known as the eighth continent, is 94% submerged underwater.

Researchers from the GNS Science – New Zealand’s geoscience agency – said the continent is a 3 million-square-mile area in the southwest Pacific Ocean. The study authors added that the islands found in Zealandia are connected by a “submerged continental crust across a large area of Earth’s surface.”

The report also revealed that the continent is the youngest and most submerged continent on the planet as it is “geologically separate and distinct from Australia and Antarctica.” The first notion of Zealandia was put forward in 2007 by Hamish Campbell who is also an author of the recent report.

In Hamish’s book published on the subject, he claimed Zealandia was once completely underwater but the islands emerged due to the collision of continental plates.

Source : PTI

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