Samsung Leak Shows Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Side-By-Side

Samsung Leak Shows Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Side-By-Side

Following on from fresh image leaks yesterday, more pictures have emerged showing the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge side-by-side. Yesterday’s leak showed the standard, non-curved, model which was apparently a sample given to the carrier At&T and leaked onto the xda-developers forum. The new photos, uploaded to the same site by a different member, now show both the S6 and S6 Edge side-by-side and switched on. The uploader appears to be a new member to the forum and doesn’t say where the pictures came from. In fact, they simply uploaded the photo and created a thread with the title “interesting picture”.

It looks as if these are the first images we’ve seen of the two, in the real world, side-by-side and switched on. If you look very closely at the S6 Edge on the left, it does indeed appear to have a dual-curved screen because there’s no bezel on the left side of the device. Although the awkward angle of the picture makes it difficult to confirm this. The curve is far more subtle than some may have expected, too. It’s certainly not a similar amount of curve as the Note Edge and perhaps may not perform the same ‘second screen’ function – a notion that was backed up by Business Korea yesterday. The publication suggests that the curve is more about design and ergonomics rather than function like the Note 4 Edge, which is down to manufacturing issues.

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