Samsung launches Galaxy S6 edge plus, Note phablet: 5 interesting features

Samsung launches Galaxy S6 edge plus, Note phablet: 5 interesting features

Samsung staked its claim to the high end of the smartphone market by unveiling two large-screen handsets and its new mobile payment system.

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S6 edge+, the latest update for its flagship handset, and Galaxy Note5, its main device in the phablet market.

Let’s have a look at five interesting features of both the devices.

1. The S6 edge+ and Note5 each have a 5.7-inch display, but the S6 has smaller overall dimensions and a curved “dual edge” screen that sets aside a portion of the display for contacts or other content.

2. The Note5 is the upgraded version of the phablet which Samsung is generally credited with popularizing. The new device has a new pop-out pen stylus.

3. Both the devices come with 16 MP rear, 5 MP front cameras and 5.1 Android Lollipop operating system.

4. While Galaxy S6 Edge+ weighs 153 grams, Note 5 is slightly heavier at 171 grams. The new handsets, which have Samsung Pay and wireless charging options integrated, will go on sale in the US and Canada on August 21

5. Note5 appears aimed at professionals and business users due to its stylus and keyboard attachment, while the S6 edge+ “is a much more fashion-forward device and is likely to appeal to a younger, hipper market, Analysts believe.

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