Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumored to Feature a UHD Display

Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumored to Feature a UHD Display

The Samsung Galaxy S6 – without a doubt – is one of the most eagerly awaited smart-phones around the globe. Samsung had introduced the first-generation Galaxy back in 2010 and have been improving their lineup each year.

Confirmed news regarding the S6 is currently unavailable, even though numerous rumors have been doing the rounds. However, with the official release date nowhere in sight, most of these rumors are currently considered baseless.

We hear rumors claiming that the S6 features a UHD display, packing in 3840x2160pixel resolution. Samsung had previously claimed to use UHD display panels on their upcoming models. This places the S6, a notch higher than its predecessor, the S5.

However, another rumor claims that the S6 features a Youm display. This makes us willing to wait for an official confirmation regarding the final list of features. The Galaxy S5 received a lukewarm welcome following the global success of the S4. Samsung wants the Galaxy S6 to break all previous sales records.

A 20MP primary camera is rumored to be on the device, capable of recording Full-HD 1080pixel videos. Rumor has it that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will feature a flexible display – much like the speculations surrounding the Apple iPhone6.

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