REVEALED: This Is What Happens When You Stop Eating Sugar

REVEALED: This Is What Happens When You Stop Eating Sugar

Sugar is one of the most-consumed products worldwide, and unfortunately it also represents one of the greatest health risks. Although our desire for sweets has existed throughout the history of mankind, consuming sugar can reduce your long-term quality of life and become the root of many health problems.

It’s important to know about the dangers of eating sugar frequently and to understand that it has a negative impact on the body, so you’ll start reducing it from your diet. Do you know what happens when you stop eating sugar?

But what exactly would happen to your body once you cut it out? We looked to science, and here seven things you could probably expect:

1. Your skin will look better
This is because they absorb into the bloodstream quickly causing a fluctuation of hormones, including insulin, thought to instigate oily secretions (called sebum) that leads to spots.

2. You’ll sleep better
Diet, sleep and energy are all things that are interlinked. Once sugar is cut out of your diet, it’s no wonder that you’ll notice a change to your sleep pattern.

3. Your heart will be happier
Three times happier, according to research by cardiovascular scientist James J. DiNicolantonio. Looking at the impact of sugar on the risk of cardiometabolic diseases, he found that sugar may as related to high blood pressure and hypertension, as sodium. The research suggests the link could even be greater.

4. You’ll lose weight
It’s not fat that’s the biggest enemy of weight maintenance anymore – it’s sugar now. Sugar has been found to be associated with weight gain. This systematic review of studies into the topic showed reduced intake of dietary sugars was associated with a decrease in body weight (0.80kg). Increased sugar intake on the other hand was associated with a comparable weight increase (0.75kg).

5. You’ll sleep better
Eating sugar can cause a drop in your energy levels, but at the same time it can also disrupt your sleep. People who cut out most of their sugar consumption quickly notice how much better their sleep is, and some even experience relief from insomnia.

6. Protects your liver
Fructose and glucose in excess can lead to toxic build-up in your liver, similar to what happens when you drink too much alcohol. Experts recommend performing a liver detox periodically to reduce your risk of developing liver problems due to your sugar consumption

7. You will look young
Eating lots of sugar can interfere with the body’s production of elastin and collagen, which are two major protein sources for the skin. In the long term, too much sugar can cause premature aging and other skin disorders.