Rebels Agree To ‘Security Zone’ At Crash Site

Rebels Agree To ‘Security Zone’ At Crash Site

Pro-Russian separatists have agreed to set up a “security zone” around the Malaysia Airlines crash scene amid reports of looting and evidence being compromised.

Ukraine said talks between the two sides “concluded with an agreement to set up a 20km (12 miles) security zone so that Ukraine could fulfil the most important thing – identify the bodies (and) hand them over to relatives”.

Concerns have been raised about the investigation into the plane disaster after international observers said armed rebels were restricting their access to the crash site.

Europe security monitors said they were allowed partial access to the site in eastern Ukraine on Friday, but were stopped from going further “for their own” safety.

Six air accident investigators from Britain and a Malaysian disaster response team are due in the capital Kiev later. Some 298 people, including 10 Britons, nearly 200 Dutch passengers and 80 children, were killed when flight MH17 was brought down near Grabovo, Donetsk.

The British Government has joined the United States in blaming pro-Russian separatists for the catastrophe.