Rape bid foiled, man kills sister-in-law and nephew

Rape bid foiled, man kills sister-in-law and nephew

NEW DELHI: A 35-year-old man strangled his brother’s wife in Amar Colony, southeast Delhi, on Tuesday night when she resisted his rape attempt. The man then killed her 10-year-old son who had witnessed the act. TOI is withholding all names to protect the woman’s identity.

The accused was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday after he gave conflicting statements to police. DCP (southeast) P Karunakaran confirmed the arrest but did not provide details of the case.

Police said the accused and his brother, who run a dairy and also deal in property, had married two sisters. The two families lived together in a two-storey house. The accused was reportedly disturbed as his wife had left home after a quarrel.

On Tuesday night, the victim’s husband went to sleep on the terrace. When he returned around 4.30am, he tried to wake her up but she did not respond. One of his sons woke up on hearing his voice but the other lay lifeless. When the man raised an alarm, his family members and neighbours rushed in to help. The woman and the boy who wasn’t responding were declared dead on arrival at a nearby hospital. Police then sent both bodies for postmortem.

Sources said finger marks were visible on the necks of both victims, and police started investigations once doctors confirmed the duo had been murdered. The involvement of an outsider was ruled out as there was no sign of a forced entry into the house, and all valuables were also found intact.

Police questioned all the family members separately and recorded their statements. Suspicion rested on the husband’s brother as he gave conflicting statements and tried to mislead the cops about his whereabouts. Sources said he was crying the most and this only made him appear more suspicious. He also could not explain the fresh scratches on his hands. He broke down and confessed after sustained interrogation.

The accused told police that he entered the woman’s room out of desperation and tried to force himself upon her. However, he strangled her when she threatened to tell her husband. One of her sons woke up at the noise and witnessed the murder, so the accused also killed him. However, as the other boy slept on, the accused spared him. The man cleaned up the crime scene and left the room after ensuring that the boy and his mother were dead.

He has been booked on charges of murder and is being interrogated. Police may also charge him with attempt to rape, sources said.

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